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Mercado 505 (Wulumuqi Bei Lu)

  • Mercado 505 (Wulumuqi Bei Lu)
  • Mercado 505 (Wulumuqi Bei Lu)
  • Mercado 505 (Wulumuqi Bei Lu)
  • Mercado 505 (Wulumuqi Bei Lu)

Mercado 505 (Wulumuqi Bei Lu)

505 Wulumuqi Bei Lu,
near Huashan Lu

Jing'an District


6248 8505
15 mins walk from  Jing'an Temple
Web: -
Mon-Sat, 11.30am-11.30pm
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Editor’s Description

Last updated: Jun 28, 2021
Mercado 505, occupying a prime location in among the hotels at Wulumuqi Lu and Huashan Lu, is the same market-to-table concept as its original Cool Docks location, blown up to multiple floors of seating, a bar, and a big patio area. If the Western restaurant trend in Shanghai in 2018 was for locally-based Shanghai famous chefs cooking little idiosyncratic fusion sharable plates, this is the complete opposite direction. You're looking at quality imported meats, cheese, and seafood, ordered and presented as is. You order your meats by grams, for example, 88rmb/100 grams of US Prime Angus T-Bone. Quite a bit of Chilean beef in there, too. If it's a little daunting to order a main course by the 100 grams, they can consult with you your options. They've also got some more straightforward seasonal specials as well, serving as side courses. The patio's usually buzzing with Spanish expats and curious diners, service is excellent, great location, and the sangria's great too.

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  • Midweek dining at the Market aka Mercado 505
    • Located on the cross streets of Huashan and Wulumuqi Roads, you find the delightful Mercado 505.

      I have dined at Mercado 505 on two prior occasions and always enjoyed dining on the terrace, for the whole concept of Mercado 505 cries out for Al fresco dining.

      What a pity that the heavy downpours this past Thursday evening prevented one from dining Al fresco, despite arriving without a reservation one is warmly welcomed by Marta and shown a table for two, on what one might call the mezzanine floor of the restaurant, we were promptly shown the menus, and offered a complimentary glass of Cava, which went down very well I might say.

      On to the menu, started off with a delicious plate of Casa Santona Golden Anchovies, served with a tomato base with olive oil, and warm bread, these went down a treat with the Cava.

      Ordered the following dishes which are just right for sharing.

      Scampi Carpaccio: wonderful delicate flavours and the nibbed almonds just finish this dish off.

      Fried Calamari: well it’s calamari rings, with a light coating of breadcrumbs and sauce vert, these were so-so, needed a little kick to enhance the flavour, to which we added a dash of Tabasco.

      For these dishes we ordered two white wines by the glass, a lovely Abadia San Campio, Rias Baixas and a Ramon Bilbao, Rueda both excellent wines, served at the right temperature, decent size pour and certainly value for money at 55 & 60 a glass.

      We then preceded to order a further two dishes, again for sharing.

      Beef Tartar: (I can never have enough of this dish, does not matter which restaurant I go to) the dish is accompanied with four chunky sized deep-fried potatoes, some warm toast, and six smidgens of mustard.  The dish was fine, once you mixed yourself, although had to ask for both a salt cellar and pepper grinder, neither were on the table.

      Iberico Pluma/ Piquillo Pepper: Grilled sweet red capsicum with pork, the meat was tender and had a reasonable amount of sauce within the dish, but could have done with a touch more sauce, had to ask for some bread to mop up what sauce there was remaining in the dish, truly delightful dish.

      For these dishes we ordered two red wines by the glass, a Penalosa R Duero and a Viaje de Ramon Rioja and both excellent wines, served at the right temperature, decent size pour and certainly value for money at 40 & 50 a glass.

      The restaurant was extremely busy on both levels, with a diverse mix of clientele, service was efficient and well serviced, the management of Mercado 505, certainly know about customer service, they have well-trained employees, I can’t fault the place, many areas that are overlooked in establishments are the toilet facilities, the Unisex toilets were spotlessly clean and well serviced at Mercado 505.

      I can only recommend a trip to the market that is Mercado 505.

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