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  • Suzu Bar

301 Huashan Lu,
near Changshu Lu

Jing'an District


189 1748 6880
15 mins walk from  Jing'an Temple
Web: -
Daily, 7pm-2am
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Editor’s Description

Last updated: Apr 23, 2020
Shanghai project by a couple of the people behind Bar Alcocase, it's named after their head bartender, Suzu, a protege of legendary Tokyo cocktail king Takao Mori. Opened in late-late 2018, on the surface it's a demure, subdued Japanese cocktail lounge with a half-moon bar and lounge. Just underneath that, it's a little cheeky: the bar staff have a good sense of humor, and the atmosphere is welcoming and cozy but not sleep-inducing. Drinks are pricy but exquisitely, almost painstakingly crafted, and they'll even serve you up a little cup of hot soup when it's cold out.

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