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Camille Xu & Associates

Labour Law
  • Camille Xu & Associates
  • Camille Xu & Associates
  • Camille Xu & Associates
  • Camille Xu & Associates

Camille Xu & Associates

Labour Law
  • 50F-51F,
    InterContinental Business Tower,
    100 Yutong Lu

    Jing'an District


    8 mins from Hanzhong Rd
    Chinese Name: 盈科律师事务所
    189 6480 6451
    Wifi: YK@999999
    Open Since May 2010
    Mon-Sun 9am-6pm

    Editor’s Description

    Last updated: Aug 24, 2022
    Camille Xu & Associates is a team of English speaking lawyers, operating as a specialist branch of one of China’s most reputable law firms, Yingke Law Firm. Camille Xu is a foreign trained multi-disciplinary lawyer who's well established in Shanghai’s international community for providing legal services to both individuals and SMEs in matters ranging from marriage / divorce cases, inheritance issues, child and family law, wealth planning, immigration, and labor law.

    Self Introduction

    "We Serve Expats Living in China!"

    Camille Xu & Associates is a team of English speaking lawyers of one most reputable Chinese law firm - Yingke Law Firm. Yingke has over 92 offices and over 5,000 lawyers in China.

    Camille Xu is partner of Yingke Law Firm who focuses on providing tailored legal services for foreign individuals and companies based in China. Before joining Yingke, Camille worked in top tier European Law Firms for over 10 years. She speaks fluent English and French.

    In addition to the traditional corporate and labor services, Camille’s team has also developed an expertise on serving expatriates on civil law and family law matters, including marriage and divorce, wills and guardianship, wealth and tax planning, real estate transaction and transfer of funds overseas, etc. Camille Xu’s legal team can become your reliable private counselor to protect your life and family in China.

    • Services Offered


      • Advice on in-marriage personal wealth protection plan;
      • Drafting pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements;
      • Marital dispute consultation and reconciliation;
      • Handling domestic violence matters;
      • Negotiations for divorce agreements;
      • Advice on custody issues;
      • Representation in divorce litigation.


      • Advice on PRC Inheritance law;
      • Advice on inheritance planning;
      • Drafting and administration of wills and guardianship documents;
      • Representing a client in inheritance litigation;
      • Helping a client to obtain property titles from inheritance.

      Children Related Matters

      • Legal assistance on child protection in accidents, bullying incidents, domestic violence, food safety issues etc;
      • Advice on custody and guardianship matters;
      • Advice on parental rights and grandparental rights;
      • Assisting on adoption procedures.

      Wealth planning

      • Family/individual tax planning;
      • Assistance on legally transferring the funds overseas;
      • Advice on wealth protection for entrepreneurs;
      • Advice on succession of family wealth;
      • Advice on overseas wealth planning.


      • Assistance in family immigration and visa planning.
      • Assistance in Chinese Green Card and PU letters.


      • Assistance in layoff negotiation;
      • Representing a client in labor arbitration/litigation.

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