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A Mansion,
2/F, 291 Fumin Lu,
near Donghu Lu

Xuhui District


6136 0288
8 mins walk from  South Shaanxi Rd
Daily, 8:30pm-6am
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Editor’s Description

Last updated: Jun 11, 2019
TOPVIPTOPVIP88 -- or just simply No. 88 -- brings both barrels of rural Chinese clubbing to The Mansion on Fumin Lu. No. 88 is a national Chinese clubbing chain success-story, originating from ... gah .... "outside Shanghai," and offers up an utterly insane atmosphere totally unique in the city. Imagine the craziest, spazziest dance club you can, and add dancers, actors, dice, performers, and an overall atmosphere of WTF. It's one of the few truly "Chinese" nightlife experiences available in Shanghai, and is wildly popular with the city's younger Chinese clubbers as well as the foreigners who chase them. Packed on the weekends and most nights of the week. If you're looking to "make it more high" as much as you can, head up the wooden staircase to TOPVIPVIPTOP88VIPTOP.
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