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Bldg 1, 550 Jumen Lu,
near Quxi Lu

Huangpu District


3304 1233
20 mins walk from  Luban Rd
ID: X先生
Web: -
Daily, 10am-3am
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Editor’s Description

Last updated: Jul 18, 2019
Mr.X (same name, same concept as the one near Zhongshan Park, but in no way related) is an escape room/room escape center. It works like this: You and a group of friends are locked in a room together––no smartphones, no cameras––and your task is to get out. How? That's for you to figure out. Clues are strewn about the place. They can come in the form of billiard balls, building blocks, candlesticks, cryptic graffiti on the wall. Even the stuff you can see out the window on the street is fair game. You have to use your powers of observation, pattern recognition and logic to find connections and correlations. It's basically a full-immersion brain teaser. There are several different puzzles to choose from, each with it's own unique theme. It's a quirky, unique, and surprisingly stimulating activity. Good for large groups, parties, and corporate team building exercises.

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