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"Grand Expedition" Immersive Theatre w/FOOD & BOOZE Comes to SH

Jun 17, 2021 | 17:00 Thu

Immersive performances are trendy these days in Shanghai. An exciting addition is Gingerline’s “The Grand Expedition”, which will be running from July 23 to August 22 this summer at Fosun Foundation. Since its debut in London in 2018, the show has received rave reviews because of the incorporation of food into the immersive theatre. It’s a multi-sensory experience where you “go on” a journey around the world and enjoy food while seated at your dining table, surrounded by performers. This is an all-rounded show that will awaken your five senses.

What to Expect: Inspired by children’s books, the 90-minute experience involves a fusion of dancing, live animation, along with global cuisines. Guided by a bunch of “pilots”, your gastronomic adventure happens in a room full of interesting installations such as oil lanterns and hot balloons. You can interact with the cast and the environment, as well as socialise with other guests at your table (or your very own friends and lovers perhaps?). A three or five course meal will be prepared to match the storyline and ultimately - fill your stomach!

Behind the Stage: “The Grand Expedition” is produced by Gingerline, a UK company that’s been dedicated to combining dining with immersive experiences since 2010. Their tour in Shanghai is joining forces with Drama Plus Entertainment, which performed "Alice's Adventures Underground" in 2019 and also cooperated with the immersive show "The Great Gatsby" in London.

Where It Is: Fosun Foundation - a posh art centre that is co-designed by British design firm Foster + Partners and creative director Heatherwick Studio. The building features three layers of moving veils. For each performance there will be approximately 100 explorers.

Who Is Going: Those who are passionate about food, theatre and dance performances; adventurous crowds that want to have an unforgettable dining experience; adults that would like to feel like a child again.

When: From July 23 to August 22 in 2021. Each session lasts 90 minutes. Audience members should be over 6 years old.

Prices and Tickets:

Lunchtime (3 Courses; 3 Non-Alcoholic Drinks; 1 Set of Explorer’s Equipment):

Weekdays (Tuesday-Thursday): 598rmb.

Weekends (Friday-Sunday): 698rmb.


Dinnertime (5 Courses; 4 Alcoholic/Non-Alcoholic Drinks; 2 Sets of Explorer’s Equipment):

Weekdays (Tuesday-Thursday): 898rmb.

Weekends (Friday-Sunday): 998rmb.


For tickets, go to:


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