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Shanghai Dungeon Opens, Scares

By - Photos: Jin Qian Sep 28, 2018 Activities
Shanghai has a lot of places to get lost in, but until now, it didn’t have a proper dungeon. That has changed. The Shanghai Dungeon, brought to you by the same people behind Madame Tussauds and Legoland, opens on September 29.

Similar to its counterparts in London and Berlin, Shanghai Dungeon – the first in Asia – is a 90-minute horror house on a busy shopping street, recreating historical urban myths that are based in real life. It's a fun and spooky ride, but there's a catch: the dialogues are in Chinese, and most of the funny bits, including the interaction between visitors and actors, comes from the dialogues.


Inside, it’s 1899. Everyone is infected by some unknown pestilence. Ten crazy residents come and go, while you run from a ruthless killer named "Shadow". Each of the characters guide you throughout the dark rooms equipped like a private clinic, an abandoned theatre, a mirror maze, a dockside bar, and a dark alley. It all ends with a final trap: the Shanghai-exclusive "standing drop ride".

The production value is high and the overall experience is fun and immersive, especially since cameras and phones are banned, meaning everyone is into having a good time, not taking pictures for Moments. How scary is it? Well, you’re with a couple dozen other people, so it’s not too bad, and no one touches you. You’ll probably just get spooked by all the horror-movie-ish jump scares.


For a 200rmb entry fee, it's worth the value. Tickets and more info about Shanghai Dungeon can be found on their website.



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