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[Cook-It] Cook To Impress Without All The Fuss with CooKit

Gourmet cooking kits from top restaurants, prepped by head chefs for you to fool everyone
2021-07-30 12:00:00

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So you’re cooking for your significant other or hosting a dinner party. What to make? Everyone already knows you can make bruschetta. That’s not impressive enough. You need to prepare something elevated. If only you could make the amazing slow-cooked lamb you had last week at that new restaurant. But you can’t be bothered to spend 7 hours cooking...and where even is your slow cooker? How many leftover random ingredients will you end up with? Are you allowed to buy just three sprigs of rosemary?

We're CooKit and we’ve done that work for you. Now you can learn chef secrets and cook innovative dishes from Shanghai’s best restaurants right in your own kitchen in just 15 minutes even if you’re a NEWBIE in the kitchen.

We're on a mission to give home cooking a new experience directly from the chef’s kitchen to yours. Signature dishes with premium ingredients are prepared from top restaurants daily and delivered for you to whip up, impress, and enjoy fresh off the stove as the chef intended. Every recipe kit has a step-by-step video tutorial from the head chefs themselves on how to prepare your kit. Check one of their videos right below! They will even share how to plate up as they do in the restaurant. So there’s really no room for error.

You’ve made your point. So, how do I buy these kits?

Ordering CooKit kits are EASY. Scan the QR code below to access our WeChat mini program, so you can order your next gourmet night-in experience with just a few clicks. Don't forget to Favorite our mini-program!