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Guess Which Two Schools in Shanghai Topped the IB League Table?

If you ever have a chance to visit their campuses, definitely do it. The two Dulwich College Shanghai campuses are not only gorgeous, but are home to some of Shanghai's most academically gifted students.
2024-01-30 12:00:00

In Partnership with Dulwich College International

That's right, Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong came first (for the second consecutive year) and Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi came second in the IB League Table for China!

Part of the Dulwich College International family, these two schools in Shanghai are leading international schools when it comes to the International Baccalaureate (IB) program. And they're not just setting the bar high in China but are also recognized globally - Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong and Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi rank in the top 35 of IB schools around the world.

Recently, both schools have also been shortlisted in the prestigious Tes Awards for International Schools 2024 and BritCham's China Schools Awards 2024.

Pretty impressive, right? Let's explore the two schools in more detail.

Welcome to Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong and Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi

At Dulwich Pudong and Dulwich Puxi, academic success is important (as you can see from the IB results), but what is equally important is also focusing on educating the whole child and a holistic education. At both schools, the curriculum is based on the British National Curriculum and is enhanced to meet the needs of the international student, culminating in the IB Programme in Years 12 and 13.

With the two schools located east and west of the river catering to children aged 2 to 18, parents can choose which location is more convenient for their child and family. Not to mention, both schools have a sprawling campus with world-class facilities. Did you know that Dulwich Puxi has an Olympic-sized swimming pool, or that Dulwich Pudong has a film studio, a recording studio AND a dance studio?

Curious to learn more?

Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong is located in Jinqiao, Pudong. The school is celebrating its 20th year this year. Click here for a virtual tour of the campus.

Recently, the school has been shortlisted for the Sustainability Award in the Tes Awards for International Schools 2024, and for the Holistic Education Award and Pastoral Care Award in the China Schools Awards 2024.

Situated in the leafy suburbs of Minhang, Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi opened in 2016. Click here for a virtual tour of the campus.

Recently, the school has been shortlisted for the Diversity and Inclusion Award and Students for Sustainability Award in the China Schools Awards 2024. Its Head of College, Mr. David Ingram, has been shortlisted in the category of International Principal/Head of the Year while the school has been shortlisted for Best Use of Technology in the Tes Awards for International Schools 2024.

A pioneering spirit since 1619

It's hard to believe that Dulwich Pudong and Dulwich Puxi's founding school in London, Dulwich College, was founded a mere three years after Shakespeare's death. To put it in perspective with Chinese history, that places its establishment during the Ming dynasty. Yes, you read that correctly! The school was founded in 1619 by Edward Alleyn, an actor linked to Shakespeare's Globe Theatre and an entrepreneur in the world of Elizabethan and Jacobean theatre, with letters patent from King James I, adding a touch of regal flair to its history.

Having built a solid reputation with its strong academics and innovative teaching, Dulwich College has always been a pioneer in education. That tradition continues to this day.

Which universities do Dulwich College International students end up at?

Harvard, Yale, Stanford, MIT, Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College, LSE...just to name a few of the top ones.

Of course, it's not just about chasing the Ivy Leagues; it's about exploring passions and finding the perfect match for each student's unique journey – what Dulwich College International call ‘best fit'. Because what matters most at the end of the day is for young people to discover what they're truly passionate about and how they can make a difference in the world.

And there is an expert team of counselors to guide every step of the way, and access to a global alumni network that unlocks a world of connections and opportunities.

Beyond academic excellence: A holistic education

If you were wondering where in China the above image is so you can plan your next winter holiday, sorry to disappoint as this picturesque campus is actually in Switzerland. But if you're a Dulwich Pudong or Dulwich Puxi Year 9 student, you have the exciting opportunity to spend a term at this location. The Ignite: Switzerland program is a unique opportunity at the boarding school Hochalpines Institut Ftan in Switzerland, where students can have the chance to enjoy outdoor learning and sports, develop their independence and resilience, continue their academic studies and make new friends, all set against the scenic background of the Swiss alps.

From wellbeing to global citizenship to sports to performing arts, Dulwich Pudong and Dulwich Puxi offer an impressive variety of extracurriculars, initiatives and programs to enable students to grow academically, socially, physically and emotionally, and develop into well-rounded individuals.

Dulwich College International family of schools

Did you know Dulwich College International, the family of schools that Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong and Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi are part of, have schools in other cities in China and Asia? In fact, Dulwich College Suzhou and Dulwich College Beijing also ranked very highly in the China IB League Table, coming in at number three and number five respectively. That means an impressive four out of the top five schools in the IB League Table for China were Dulwich College International schools.

Not only do Dulwich Pudong and Dulwich Puxi students benefit from group activities and events with each other, but they also get to participate in group activities and events with the other Dulwich College International schools in Beijing, Suzhou, Singapore, and Seoul. Being part of this extensive family means students get to meet other Dulwich College International students from around the globe and have some very cool experiences in other cities and even other countries. Imagine the possibilities!

Want to visit the school and find out more?

There's only one way to truly to get to know what makes a school special: by visiting in person. If you'd like to take a tour of Dulwich Pudong and Dulwich Puxi, please contact the admissions teams who would be delighted to speak to you.

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Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi:

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