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MIDI Electronic Festival Info And Warm-Up Party

By Sep 25, 2015 Nightlife
So that MIDI Electronic Festival in Suzhou from Oct 1-3, that's looking like a fun time for the kids. The non-corporate affair has Children of Bodom, Sick Of It All, Sulumi, Feadz, Dr. Lektroluv, and about 99 DJs of widely-varying skill headlining, plus movies, camping, longboarding, and other recreational activities.

Leading into that, Mansion have a warm-up party on Friday night at Lola (and another on Saturday at Mansion), with some house music from MIDI DJs Allan Marshal and Ivan Barbero, plus they're giving away 15 MIDI tickets before 1am, too. Here's what we know about the fest…

Location & Buses:

The fest happens Sept 30-Oct 3 at Camp MIDI Taihu, about 80km from Shanghai. They have several stages, a bunch of after-party houses, amusement park rides, pools, halfpipes…everything. Here's pictures from their spring festival. You could take a cab there for a few hundred RMB, or take a train to Suzhou then a cab / bus, or just take a bus from Shanghai, at People's Square Exit 1. Here's the times.

Tickets: Tickets are only available online. They've set up a Yoopay site for that (bus tix also available there). Three-day tix are 300rmb, and one-day tix are 100rmb.

The Lineup: Yeah that lineup is massive. Not all great, but probably something for everyone. Music ranges widely between house, hip hop, techno, trap, rock, electro and &*&^#)*@. Not even gonna write it down. Here you go.

The After-Parties: This is one of those "rage all night, every night" kind of affairs. They have four "pavilions" running until dawn. Enough to keep the kids dancing all night long. Then there's a final after-party on Oct 3 at The Mansion, back in Shanghai.

Other Activities: Indeed they have some EXTREME activities like dirt bike raging, longboarding, and wall climbing.

So yeah, if you have other questions, you can add "the-mansion" on WeChat. They've got a million posts about it. Gonna go ahead and say this one is probably too raw for a family affair.



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