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Music Festivals: Gossip, Lineups, Tickets, Hotels

By Apr 16, 2013 Nightlife
The line-ups for Strawberry and Midi Festival are more or less through. For a day-by-day account of what you're getting at Strawberry at the end of this month, go here for Monday's, Tuesday's and Wednesday's line-up (all three days are holidays). We have tickets here.

Meanwhile over at Midi, which happens on the weekend right after Strawberry, a little spat has broken out about the electronic stage. This year, organizers put the line-up of the DJ stage in the hands of a DJ called Florian Bo, who is currently one of the residents at The Mansion. Two (or maybe four) DJs from the released line-up have pulled out because

they weren't happy with the time slots he'd given them. So far Thoma Cher and Mia have been most vocal about their disgruntlement.

Mia broke the (devastating) news on her Facebook page yesterday, where there were message of support during this difficult time, as well as people asking why Razor, Teasy, Alecs Marta, the Acid Pony Club, Sub-Culture, Void, Love Bang or any of the S.T.DJs had not been asked to play. Maybe they were and they turned it down. Anyway, Shanghai DJs in a fizz. My word, if anyone needs our sympathy and respect, it is surely Shanghai's community of DJs. We'll let you know if anyone else pulls out. The live line-up is here. Best looking band on there is maybe Cold Cave Only playing BJ. They'll play Arkham down here on May 9. Tickets, tickets, roll up, we have them, too. Get them here.

Then there's the Great Wall Music Festival, which is going down near Beijing on May 11. As it's quite a distance, SmSh has put together a package deal with pentahotel up there. We have room stays for two people, with breakfast, plus two tickets to the festival and two return transfers to the site from downtown Beijing for 1380rmb (one night) or 1930rmb (two nights). The way that works out, if you book a room, you essentially get the music festival tickets and all the rest for free. David Guetta's headlining, and rumor has it at midnight he will ascend from the DJ booth and rise to join his father in heaven, only to return three days later with some new Rihanna remixes.

For tickets to the Great Wall Festival with the hotel stay, go here. If you've already bought your Great Wall tickets, you can upgrade them to the hotel stay package, no problem. We got you. We're all about that.



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  • adey

    Cold Cave is only performing at the Beijing Midi..not the Shanghai Midi...but Shanghai, don't despair...they'll be performing at Arkham on May 9th.

  • Zammo

    @Adey, noted, thanks for the tip.

  • MidiFestElect

    In light of recent events, we the organiser of the electronic stage of this years MIDI festival, feel the need to clarify a few matters. It has always been the aim of the stage to represent the very best of electronic music as it currently stands within (of course) restrictions set in place by budget, availability and other factors. We feel that there is a popular misconception that the stage is meant to be a representation of the EDM scene here in Shanghai. Unfortunately this is not the Shanghai EDM Stage; this is The Midi Electronic stage. In exactly the same way that the Live stage is not a representation of the Shanghai live music scene; I am sure you will notice that no one is saying that their long standing favourite Shanghainese band has not been included this year.

    We admit there have been difficulties and complications with this years line-up but we believe this is no more than any other organisation and the reality of the situation is that out of 27 acts over 3 days, only two artists have dropped out for not being happy with their set time. This is not unusual with a line-up of this size and we are sorry that we can not give everyone the set times that they prefer or desire, again at the end of the day our aim is to provide what we think is the very best line-up of local, national and international talent and not necessarily those who have been here the longest.

    The issue of well known DJs being given earlier sets is not meant to be an insult; this is part of our creative vision as the organisers of the stage in the belief that talented and well known DJs, especially local DJs can work with us together to help bring a strong crowd as early as possible and really create something special. We believe that a good and talented artist can do this. This is the faith that we put in these artists and a big responsibility. We truly believe that a professional and talented DJ can work a crowd into a frenzy at any time of day however we also understand if there are people who don’t wish to help us in this way and we wish them all the best now and in the future.

    This is not meant as disrespect to some very talented and very hardworking pioneers involved on the scene who have really done a lot to build things in Shanghai. We fully respect and value these contributions and we feel this is represented very well in our line-up. Closer inspection will show that there are a lot of credible artists there who are of the calibre that some people are claiming to be missing.

    Would we like to be able to fit everyone on there, or a representative for every crew and DJ from this City we love so much? Of course we would but we also feel that its time to try something new, something a bit different, something that won’t just be an echo of what you hear in the clubs and bars or other festivals this summer. Something to try to push the envelope a bit, trying new acts while still highlighting some of the best that Shanghai itself has to offer.

    Kindest Regards,

    Midi Festival Electronic Stage

  • zmann999

    More importantly where is DJ Sacco's invitation. 200rmb Midi that's all I cost

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