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Where to Get Christmas Trees, Decorations, and Stuff

Season's greetings, dear friends. Trees. Garlands. Wreaths. Ornaments. It's not really Christmas without them.
By Dec 18, 2019 Shopping
Christmas in Shanghai passes many florists and shops by as just another day of the year, however others decide to embrace the festive season with open arms, luring in the customers and filling them with Christmas cheer. In amongst the shimmering fakes, there are a few places in town that are selling genuine, healthy trees.

Updated: December 18, 2019

Trees and More

Au Nom de la Rose

122 Jianguo Xi Lu, near Shaanxi Nan Lu View ListingTaxi Printout

Au Nom De La Rose Shanghai

French import shop Au Nom De La Rose have a variety of trees from 1.2 to 2.1m tall, both real and fake. Fake ones range in price from 600rmb to 800rmb, while a real one at 1.8m costs 3.2k. They’ve also got smaller ones, and one of the nicest window-displays of the downtown shops. Wreaths cost around 598rmb. Depending on the size of the tree you’ve selected, they can deliver for free within 3km. Outside 3km delivery prices are negotiable, again depending on the size of your tree. Order at least a day in advance.

Au Nom De La Rose Shanghai

Ruby's Party

1/F Zhidi Building, 201 Chengjiaqiao Zhi Lu, near Hongz... View ListingTaxi Printout

Ruby's emporium of seasonal doohickeys and thingamubobs is in full Christmas swing. They're also selling fake trees, ranging from around 1.2m to 2m in various colors. That means black, silver, gold, white and frosty (sparkling white?) ones! Wreaths cost 50rmb. You may find some real bargains here, with package deals available on an array of ornaments, bells, mixed bags of ornaments, Christmas wreaths, tree decorations, etc.

Wan Qun Florist

225 Yongjia Lu, near Shaanxi Nan Lu View ListingTaxi Printout

Wan Qun Shanghai

Wan Qun Florist on Yongjia Lu sells real trees. Chinese pines, to be exact. A 1.8m tree will cost 450rmb. Unfortunately trees are not always available in-store for purchase, which means you’re going to have to organize delivery with the shopkeepers, whose English is rudimentary. It's free within 3-4km, 30-50rmb for 5-8km, 100rmb for 10km or above. They've also got a modest array of Christmas ornaments on sale; garlands, lanterns, Christmas ornaments, as well as Chinese wreaths etc. A few kuai per item.

Wan Qun Shanghai

These things. Don't let your dog eat 'em. Or your kids.

IKEA (Puxi)

126 Caoxi Lu, near Zhongshan Xi Lu View ListingTaxi Printout

Sweden knows how to Christmas. Unfortunately, they're not selling real Christmas trees. Fakes one aplenty! A rather sparse-looking cheaper 1.4m option is 99rmb, a much fuller one at 1.5m for 199rmb, and the biggest one they have at 1.8m is priced at 399rmb. We didn't ask what that furry monstrosity costs. They also provide a large amount of Christmas-themed home furnishings such as wreaths, decorations for the tree and your home in general, miscellaneous fake flower arrangements, advent calendars, lights and also Christmasy lampshades.

Holiday House (Anting)

No. 101, Gate 4, Lane 355 Beiande Lu, near Anyong Lu View ListingTaxi Printout

Holiday House Shanghai

The house of wonders, trinkets and merriment in that deserted housing complex in Anting is still worth the trip for the hardcore holiday homemaker. Fake trees and a vast amount of assorted decorations is what you will find upon arrival. Tree sizes: 0.5-2 meters tall. Different materials available, prices ranging from 45rmb to about 200rmb. Delivery is about 50rmb, more if you're far away. Christmas wreaths are also available for between 29rmb-160rmb. They have all kinds of ornaments; light-up snowmen, Christmas lights, tree ornaments, lawn ornaments, whimsical polar bear and Santa statues, tinsel, bells, tree skirts, light up stars... the works. All those range from as little as 5rmb to 35rmb and up. Seriously, it's like a million things. 

Rose Gallica

Ferguson Lane, 376 Wukang Lu, near Tai'an Lu View ListingTaxi Printout

Rose Gallica Shanghai

This florist is tucked away on Wukang Lu and is stocked with real, healthy trees that have been grown abroad and in China. Prices for domestic trees range from 600-800rmb, while imported ones start at 2.4k. Pricy! But real. They'll deliver to your doorstep for free if you live within 5km of their shop, but this transaction may require further negotiation on purchase. They sell wreaths for 200-500rmb. They also have a smaller pop-up location right next to West Nanjing Road, where you can place tree orders, or pick up wreaths and flower arrangements.

Rose Gallica Shanghai

Riverside Flower Shop

62 Yongkang Lu, near Jiashan Lu View ListingTaxi Printout

Riverside Flower Ship Shanghai

Similarly to Rosa Gallica, Riverside is a small florist that packs a Christmasy punch when the calendar rolls over into December. This particular shop only stocks real trees, grown in China, and are sold at a range of prices. 1.2-1.4 for 280rmb; 1.4-1.6m for 480rmb; 1.6-1.8m for 780rmb. They have to be ordered in advance, but delivery is available for a fee of 50rmb and beyond, depending on distance. Mini trees, wreaths, wallhangings and centerpieces are also available.

Riverside Flower Ship Shanghai

Astory Flowers

1/F, No. 6, Lane 85, Wulumuqi Nan Lu, near Yongjia Lu View ListingTaxi Printout

Astory Flower Shanghai

Astory Flowers does real (but pre-decorated) small-size trees in the 35cm-40cm range for 398rmb. If you're looking for something larger, they have fake trees (also pre-decorated) from 45cm-60cm for 158rmb to 198rmb, with a 1.5m thing going for 1,680rmb.

Hongqiao Bird and Flower Market

718 Hongjing Lu, near Hongsong Lu View ListingTaxi Printout

Hongqiao Bird and Flower Market's more flower than bird market these days, and it's a bit more of a rustic experience but they've got plenty of sellers there. Some of them even sell real trees, for which you'll likely have to pay a pretty penny. However, you’re far more likely to come across fake trees; 2.1m trees can go for as much as 500rmb, 2.4m ones for as much as 700rmb. Delivery would be down to the individual shop-seller. Plenty of decorations and Christmas wreaths available, though.

Yu Garden

137 Anren Jie, near Fuyou Lu View ListingTaxi Printout

Yu Garden Bazaar Shanghai

Hardly bears mentioning but the Yu Garden Bazaar also usually has a selection of garlands, ornaments, fake trees, etc. If you want to make a day trip of it, you can always go to Yiwu, where the rest of the world buys its Chistmas decor in bulk. Here is more info if you want to make a holiday pilgrimage.

Just Ornaments and Decorations

Madame Mao's Dowry

207 Fumin Lu, near Julu Lu View ListingTaxi Printout

Madame Mao Shanghai

Madame Mao’s Dowry has some Christmas ornaments available, specifically, Christmas tree balls emblazoned with the sort of iconography you can expect at Madame Mao's. Those go for 100rmb a pop, but they're just the thing to help balance the bourgeoise-ness of your tree.Unfortunately their spread is not as extensive as last year, but they do have a selection of cards to send friends and family, and also wrapping paper that you can use to wrap a jade statue of Mao that you are planning on giving to everyone you know, luckily available at Madame Mao’s Dowry. Two birds one stone.

The Christmas Markets

These tend to pop-up in all kinds of places, including at schools and so on. Good spot to browse for Christmas ornaments if you're going to one anyway. Good prospects for knick-knacks like snowglobes and Christmas bells. Check out the full list here.

Finally, just in case it still needs saying, there's always Taobao. A bit cheaper, a bit riskier, a bit more authentically "Christmas in China."




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