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Fitness News: A First Look at WeBox and More Places to Sweat This Week

Aug 2, 2018 | 16:26 Thu
Active Shanghai: The biweekly round-up of gym openings and deals for discounted fitness
Here's a look inside WeBox, the newest boxing gym from the people who brought us Brawl on the Bund and Golden Gloves, and a look at what soft-opening deals they've got. Plus info on early-bird registration for the Chaim Gebber Dance Workshop in September, some bike-related gossip, and more.


Upcoming Events

Last call for camp (for teens) starting this week, Dulwich hosts a fencing camp to "learn and experience from top-tier fencing coaches from top US universities." Costs 4,500rmb, follow the event link above for more details and registration.

Looking ahead, Dakini Dance studio is offering a workshop with Berlin-based dancers and choreographers Chaim Gebber and Robert Pupotoo for one day only. The workshop will last 3 hours starting at 7pm. It's 600rmb for early bird registration before August 15, costs 800rmb after that. Follow the event link above to register.


New Gyms and What They're Offering...


9 Donghu Lu, near Huaihai Zhong Lu View ListingTaxi Printout


From the boxers behind Brawl on the Bund and Golden Gloves, comes new boxing gym WeBox. A "sister gym" of Golden Gloves, it's a little smaller but more industrial-bat-cave chic with lots of concrete. WeBox'll have a similar structure for group classes (but offer heart monitors to track your workout which is new - and free) with some of the same coaches. Classes involve cardio bursts, 2 minutes 20 second on, 30 seconds rest (there is no sparring here unlike Golden Gloves, they want to teach boxing without fear of being hit). Right now on the schedule they have two night classes on weekdays, 6-7pm and 7-8pm, and more on weekends.

Mid-August, they'll add the two hour self-defense class that currently runs at Golden Gloves with Stasia Kucherenko and her partner Diego Dati. Also, since WeBox's General Manager JayJay Jiang is coming from an F&B background, expect lots of boxing-brunches & more quirky events coming soon...


First trial class is free, after that group classes are sold in packages starting at one month unlimited (1,388rmb) to 24 months unlimited (12,888rmb). They also have personal training and right now they're offering one month of unlimited PT for 7,888rmb (normal pricing: 10 classes for 5,000rmb, 20 classes 9,000rmb), promotion will end August 30. Note, if you're a member at Golden Gloves you can still have a free trial at WeBox, but memberships at these two gyms are not interchangeable.

To see the full schedule and sign up, follow Official WeChat: webox_fit. You can also email with any follow ups.


News From the Ground

Hey! Looks like Electra Bikes is planning to launch a bike rental service--time to see how the other half lives. More details to come.

And here's somewhere to take your fancy bike: The Huangpu Riverside Bike Trail.

Cover photo provided by WeBox


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