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[How To]: Get Your Shanghai Color Code

Mar 3, 2020 | 15:00 Tue
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What color are you? Is that about to become a question people have to answer in Shanghai, like it is in Hangzhou? Though it's not mandatory in Shanghai yet (it is for 50 million people in Zhejiang), getting your government-approved health check color seems like a good idea in case this takes off in Shanghai. If you want to get ahead of the curve on being a good, law-abiding citizen, here's how to do that.


It's called sui shen ban (随申办). It basically runs a continuous contagion threat assessment on you, then outputs it as a green, yellow or red QR code. Something that people (mostly in doorways) can easily scan.

So Why Do I Need This Again?

For safety. You want to be safe don't you? This will help you be safe. Safe and secure, cocooned, clutched to the bosom of the people who keep you safe and secure.

But seriously though, this might become a required thing, like real-name registration for phones or security checks on the metro just sort of became a thing. If you're not comfortable with sharing your location and all of your information with all the authorities, then maybe don't worry about this until you're barred from your compound at night or not allowed into a restaurant until they scan your threat level.

Step 1: Go to Alipay

There are other ways to getting your color code, but Alipay is the easiest one we've found. That's assuming your Alipay has been verified and attached to a real-name identity. If so, the hardest part is done. In fact, if you open up your Alipay on your phone, the first page on the yellow carousel is for the Mini Program.

Click that yellow banner. Or search sui shen ban (随申办). Or go to City Services, and click the blue heart (随申码) at the the top of the page. Either way, next you'll have to...

Step 2: Click Some More Stuff

First it needs permission to add the app to your Alipay My Mini Programs, then you go to your My Mini Programs window.

Step 3: Click Into the App

Nearly there, agree to giving the app access to your location information. Then click the button for Shanghai QR Code.

Step 4: Give Even More Permissions

Nearly done, one more, click the blue button agreeing to the app getting access to your ... well, all of this stuff.

and boom! I'm green in Shanghai! Shanghai green, for all people! Shanghai Green is people!

What If I'm Not Green

Don't move. The cops are on their way.

Just kidding haha can you imagine that. But if your status is not green, it means you've been identified as some sort of a health... threat. Maybe you were on a subway car with someone who tested posted for COVID-19. Maybe your test results came back positive for some horribly virulent disease, and they should absolutely not let you in to brunch at Bull & Claw.

The FAQ says you can appeal by using the Feedback channel. We haven't tested that out. But if you aren't a green, you should probably see someone about that.