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Mixtape: Make Out Songs From Shanghai DJs

A ready-made Valentine's Day make-out playlist from resident DJs at your favorite Shanghai clubs and dives. Eleven freaky traxx inside.
Feb 13, 2014 | 15:55 Thu

"Every time I close my eyes,
I wake up feelin' so horny.
I can't get you outta my mind
Sexin' you be all I see..
I would give anything,
Just to make you understand me.
I don't give a damn about nothin' else,
freak'n you is all I need..."

- Jodeci

Music can seal the deal between two [or more] people. In fact, some of you are probably sitting in front of your computer right now because of some words and melodies written by Marvin Gaye or Keith Sweat, or maybe the Doobie Brothers or some shit. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, so we asked some Shanghai DJs for their all-time favorite make out song. Here's what they said...


Rankadank/Resident at Monkey Champagne and Cirque Le Soir

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Why? "'I can be soft…I can be hard...Let me do the B-part…Please…Please…' Sexiest track ever. Oh shit, just got an orgasm listening to this again."


Producer at Rankadank

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Why? "It's called 'Sex Bowl'. What do you think?! 'First time I lick u up and down, now I'm gonna eat the whole pie.' Deep lyrics."

DJ Cavia

China DMC Champion/WeChat Master

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Why? "Warm and fuzzy, not as straight as Marvin Gaye's 'Let's Get It On'. I Love The Jesus And Mary Chain's 'Just Like Honey', too, so I don't know which one to choose actually, maybe depends on the girls [sic]."

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Acid Pony Club/STD/Bar Rouge

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Why? "Because the voice has a very strong sexual power but the story that's being told is actually very sad! The guy is looking for love but he 'never fuck.' The beat is definitely very hot too. 909 is the perfect lover!"


Push and Pull

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Why? "I can't remember what I was doing in 2009/10, apart from listening to The Dream's Love Vs. Money on repeat. 'Kelly's 12 Play' off that album is a song about love-making to an R. Kelly soundtrack, sung over music that sounds like a love-machine screeching and grinding to a halt. If this doesn't get you in the mood for a snog then you better check your pulse."

Choyce Kutz

Hip Hop Hijack/Resident at M1NT/Resident at Hollywood

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Why? "That's the first song my wife and I danced to as husband and wife. Also, the whole Brown Sugar album by D'angelo. Pure classic sweet loving music."

Laura Ingalls

Acid Pony Club


That's right. As in no music at all.

Why? "Back in the 90s nothing said, 'Would you finally let me put my hands under your bra?' better than those shitty-ass Ben Harper albums. It was every teenage girl's fantasy to get nasty from the belt up to his castrato tone and painful slide guitar solos. It left me deeply scarred. I found out the hard way that in order to get laid you usually have to listen to shit music, like Jeff Buckley or even worse, Coco fucking Rosie. Since then my favorite make-out track is the sound of silence. Not the Simon and Gayfunkel song, the actual sound of silence."


Phreaktion/Wonky Kong

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Why? "It’s kind of a coincidence but I can’t make up my mind between two songs both titled 'Heartbeat' - One by José González and the other by T Williams (Mosca Remix)." [Ed: we're still searching for the Mosca remix - here is the OG]

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DJ Caution

Come Correct/Love Bang

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Why? "It's more than just making out – it's like a tongue bath lick fest. 'Let me lick you up and down, until you say stop. Let me play with your body, baby, make you real hot.'"


There you go. A whole pack of tracks to download and lay it down to. I'm gonna leave you with my personal favorite make out track - "Poppin V" by The Based God. Don't forget, if you take Viagra and get an erection that lasts more than eight hours, get to the hospital!

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