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Get listed on Shanghai’s best English language directory and drive more business to your venue!

With over 19,000 listed venues, from hair salons to cocktail bars to Bund icons, we have it all, and are constantly updating. Want customers to know about you? Get into our database!

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Hey, business owner! SmartShanghai’s venue directory is the best English-language database in the city, hands down. Having your venue listed on our site makes you instantly accessible to the public, giving them crucial information about your business at any time of the day. Tourists, long-time expats and everyone in between will be able to find your business on a map, figure out the best way to get there, know when you are open for business and more.

With Premium and Gold Memberships, they’ll also be able to see how awesome your business looks before they head out there and read a description of what you do. Want customers to know about you? Get into our database!

If you have any questions regarding Premium or Gold listings please contact our sales team.

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  • Venue Uploading Time

    This is the maximum time it might take until your listing will appear on the website after you've submitted it to us

    3-5 Weeks
    2-3 work days (1)
    1-2 work days (1)
  • Initial Position

    This is the position where your listing will appear on your selected tag page (ex. Cafes, Luxury Hotels). This position may change slightly as newer listings are added

    Last page
    First Page of 1 Tag
    First Page of 3 Tags
  • Professional Venue Pictures Included

    Our photographer will visit your venue and take professional pictures at a pre-arranged time. See footnotes for copyright details

    yes (2)
    yes (2)
  • Banner Advertisement Included

    Listings reach readers that are searching for specific venues. Banner advertisement reach a much larger audience and even those not browsing for a specific venue.

    1 Month F&B BigBox

    Worth 6,800rmb

  • Direct Support

    If you have any questions about your listing, or if you want to update it, you can contact our Listings Manager directly for assistance.

    E-Mail / WeChat
  • Yearly Fee

    Prices are in RMB including tax (VAT) for a new listing to the site. Services included are valid for 1 year. No contractual requirements


    4.800 rmb

    Price for 12 month

    8.800 rmb

    Price for 12 month

  • 1) Editor’s descriptions are just that: written by our editors, reflecting their (anonymous) visit to your establishment. This takes a little bit of time; give us two weeks or so to arrange for an editor to visit and write.
  • 2) Venue photos remain the property of SmartShanghai and may not be used for promotion with other media. However! For an extra 3,000 rmb, we will transfer the copyright to you, and you can then do whatever you like with them.