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MIDI Electronic 2016

Finished Ended on Sat Jun 11, 2016 , 1pm-10pm
MIDI Taihu Festival Camp
Gelin Park, Taihu Lake, Wujiang province, Suzhou


Festival organizers / co-op / party house The Mansion do another electronic music festival at Camp MIDI Taihu, an amusement park / campsite in Jiangsu, about three hours from Shanghai. Read our full festival guide for the most detailed info. For music, they have 100 China-based acts and eight headliners including Ellen Allien, Sulumi, The Shanghai Restoration Project, Conrank, Netsky. There's also camping, swimming, workshops, yoga, a silent disco, and extreme sports. As usual, quantity over quality, but these kids have a lot of heart and it's a staunchly non-commercial event. Unlike last fall's edition, this one is strictly electronic music. Tickets are only available online. They are 380rmb for the full festival or 180rmb per day. They've set up a Yoopay site for that (bus tix also available). Door tickets are 450rmb for three days and 200rmb per day. After-parties happen on-site until 3.30am each night, with a final after-party back in Shanghai at The Mansion on June 11. You can camp on the festival site, and you can bring your own tent and sleeping bag or rent one of theirs.