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2018 World Exploration Camp

Finished Ended on Wed Aug 1, 2018 , 9am
YK Pao School (High School)
No. 1800, Lane 900 Sanxin Bei Lu, near Xin Songjiang Lu


2018 World Exploration Camp, is centered on the concept of learning as a journey of exploration, aiming to cultivate students’ curiosity about the world around them. By encouraging a proactive approach to learning, World Exploration Camp helps students build practical problem-solving skills that will benefit them well in the future. In addition to major subject class, World Exploration Camp includes many other courses, such as traditional Chinese art, dance, frisbee and swimming. There are also multiple evening activities every day, like movie night and Capture-the-flag. Primary language of instruction English. Costs 18,000rmb per session, with two sessions one from July 7-18, the second from July 21 to Aug 1. Check their site for registration.