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Storyland Library Winter Camp

Finished Ended on Sat Feb 8, 2020 , 10am
Storyland (Hengshan Lu)
Rm 302, Unit 3, Building 1 No. 691, West Jianguo Rd, near Wuxing Lu


Storyland has four storytelling centers in Shanghai, inspiring over 3,000 children from ages 3 to 15 to become fluent, passionate readers, writers and creators, as well as a community library that stocks thousands of imported English children's books to borrow. The library is staying open over the winter holidays (except 1/20-2/1), and they're running storytelling workshops. One of them is the SILC workshop from February 3-7, for kids 5-12 years old, focusing on improving the children's integrated learning skills through stories, combining storytelling, literacy, drama and public speaking. They're also hosting BAC (Big Art Camp) from February 2-8, six hours a day, combining drama, filmmaking, musical theatre, storytelling, helping students learn to express themselves through stories. At the end of the camp, every kid participates in a musical theater performance and work in a filmmaking team as a director, actor or cameraman. Price is 10,080rmb. Contact them at, or on their WeChat channel Hi-Storyland.