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teamLab Borderless Shanghai Tickets

Finished Ended on Wed Feb 28, 2024 , 10:30am - 6pm/8pm
teamLab Borderless
Bldg. C-2, 100 Huayuan Gang Lu, near Bansongyuan Lu
249rmb per person


teamLab Borderless Shanghai is the result of the feverish imaginations of Japanese art collective teamLab, an interdisciplinary group of artists, designers, mathematicians, engineers, and programmers self-labelled as "ultra-technologists." A mind-blowing, futuristic take on art, not a fad, but a big, big thing. The 6,600 sqm facility houses about 50 digital and mind-bending artworks, some brand new and never seen before. Wander among crystal columns, digital waterfalls, a forest of resonating lamps, a tunnel of lasers, and a tea house where your drink unfolds and evolves with light and illusion as you pick it up. Children under the height of 1 meter get in free.

Announcement From teamLab:

Jointly created by ALIGHT and teamLab, the EPSON teamLab Borderless Art Museum and the EPSON teamLab Massless Art Space opened in Huangpu Riverside, Shanghai in November 2019 and Joy City, Chaoyang, Beijing in 2023 respectively. Since the opening, we have won nearly 100 honors awarded by numerous media, platforms, industry associations, etc., and also received the love of the market and countless audiences.、

Due to the expiration of the exhibition venue, both teams have now decided to end the current exhibition of teamLab Borderless Shanghai on February 29, 2024. ALIGHT is considering relocation and upgrading matters. On-site ticket sales for the Shanghai EPSON teamLab Borderless Art Museum will continue until February 29, 2024.

In addition, we welcome you who love teamLab artworks to go to Beijing to visit the "EPSON teamLab Massless Art Space" located in Joy City, Chaoyang, Beijing, and fully immerse yourself in this world beyond the concept of matter.

At the same time, a brand-new cultural and artistic landmark created by ALIGHT is under intense preparation and will debut in the core area of Shanghai city soon. Stay tuned! Thank you for your support and understanding throughout the years.