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ChinaJoy 2020

Finished Ended on Mon Aug 3, 2020 , 9am
2345 Longyang Lu, near Fangdian Lu


The China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference is occupying the Shanghai International Expo Center from July 31 to August 3 (for the B2C segment, the B2B segment ends August 2). If you want to see the latest in global Smart Entertainment hardware, VR and AR; the Comic & Animation World Amazing Expo; the 2020 Shanghai TOYSHOW (where they're selling 520rmb cartoon cracker figurines); see the latest from video game companies like Bandai Namco, NETEase Games, UBISOFT and hardware from Qualcom; or just snap photos of whatever cosplayers are still hanging around like it's 2011, this is your gig. Information for how to sign-up available on their WeChat Account. One-day tickets on the weekend start at 180rmb.