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Daily 2018-04-01 2025-04-01
Ignite The Dream Fireworks Spectacular
Editor's Description

The event of the evening at the House of Mouse and the last thing the park puts on before closing for the night. Every night, starting at 8.30pm, the Disney Castle becomes a giant screen as an animation celebrating pretty much everything Disney is projected onto it, accompanied by fireworks (actual fireworks!) and pyrotechnics so potent that people in the front row get a tan. It's part of the park entry, but it's barely visible from outside the gates. It lasts about half an hour, but people start picking spots in the Gardens of Imagination well before. Deluxe Pass holders get access to front row seats as part of their ticket.

© Photo by SmartShanghai
310 Shendi Xi Lu
© Photo by SmartShanghai
310 Shendi Xi Lu
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