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Vixens & Mixin'

Finished Thu, Nov 5, 2020 , 8pm
Commune Reserve
1107 Yuyuan Lu, near Fenggang Lu
65rmb for special cocktail & affogato dessert


Calling all the vixens! Hannah Keirl from Spirits Box will be shaking up her cocktail creations from 8-11pm at the Commune Reserve. Swing on by if you’re a fun-loving lady that also loves a good drink. The menu is filled with twists on classical cocktails, plus a boozy affogato dessert, each for 65rmb! Sip on everything from The Back in Black to the Fall’n Negroni; for the fruity fans, the Frosty Fruits is just for you. Maybe sip on a hot cocktail, like the Guns Blazin’. Every Thursday from 9pm until late, all ladies can enjoy draft beer, sparkling wine by the glass, red and white wine by the glass, and soft drinks, all BOGO!