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Sat Jun 5 2021-06-05 2021-06-05
Revel's World of Shakespeare
Editor's Description

An alternately terrifying and hilarious account of a man who takes Shakespeare too seriously, "Revel's World of Shakespeare" is named after Clive T. Revel, a professor, a tyrant and a drunkard responsible for introducing the religion, the cult even, of Shakespeare to the students at London's Chelsea School for Boys. It's performed solo, in its entirety, by writer, actor, director and co-founder of the Institute of World of Theatre and Film at Peking University, Joseph Graves, who studied under Revel when he was a young boy. The show starts at 7.30pm, and the tickets are either 220rmb or 280rmb. Different cost is because of two different seating locations. Purchase tickets on SmartTicket.

143 Pudong Dadao, near Jimo Lu
浦东大道143号, 近即墨路
143 Pudong Dadao, near Jimo Lu
浦东大道143号, 近即墨路
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