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A Lone Sword Meeting - Family Memoirs Dance Theatre

Finished Ended on Tue Sep 21, 2021 , 10:30am/2:30pm/7:30pm
MIFA 1862
1777 Binjang Dadao, near Jimo Lu


1862 Theatre is showing four performances of “A Lone Sword Meeting” from September 20 to 21. The story tells the story of Lord Guan Yu through a child’s perspective from one end of the river and an elder’s perspective from the other end. Lord Guan Yu, according to Three Kingdoms legend, had crossed the Yangtze River into enemy territory with only a single sword. A Family Memoirs Dance Theatre production, “A Lone Sword Meeting” explores the heroism, courage, and persistence of ordinary people at different stages in life. Suitable for people aged 5 and above. Tickets start at 120rmb.