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Oriental Hot Spring Deal

Daily , 11:00~22:00
Oriental Spring
No.1, Lane 2088 Wuzhong Lu, near Hangzhong Lu


A three-story water resort with 15,000 sqm of outdoor, indoor Hot Springs pools, and swimming pools, massage services, rest areas, and activities to keep your kids entertained while you relax. Their special deal for SmartShanghai readers is updated, one adult ticket is 128rmb with free-flow fruit bars and soft drinks, and one kid ticket is 78rmb for both weekends and weekdays including the fruit bars and soft drinks. The weekend day pass is 158rmb/person.


  • Please bring your own swimsuit and swim trunks, guests who do not wear swimsuits and swim trunks can freely enter and exit the outdoor hot spring area, but they are not allowed to enter the open-air pool, and they need to wear a swimming cap for swimming
  • Dining hours: 11:00-14:00, 16:30-21:00
    Outdoor Hot Spring Hour: 11:00-22:00
    Fruit drinks: 11:00-22:00
  • Please go to the front desk to check the ticket in advance, redeem and wear a bracelet, you can enter and exit the 3F fruit drink area for unlimited times, the bracelet is non-transferable, the fruit drink is a fixed area, please do not take the fruit drink out of the area.
  • Free admission for children under 0.9 meters (1 adult can only bring 1 child under 0.9 meters), children under 0.9 meters to 1.4 meters, and adult tickets for 1.4 meters and above

Purchasing notice:
1. Children over 0.9 meters are not allowed to enter the bathing area of the opposite sex;
2. The elderly over 80 years old, pregnant women, high blood pressure, heart discomfort, and not suitable for bathing in hot springs;
3. Parking needs to be charged, 5 rmb/hour, 3 rmb/hour with a small ticket, and the cap is 22 rmb on the same day;
4. Please refrain from bringing outside food and drinks into the venue