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The Pearl’s 9th Anniversary Show

Finished Wed Dec 28, 2022 , 9pm
The Pearl
471 Zhapu Lu, near Wujin Lu
Per Sale Price : 150 Yuan Per Person


Like a cat with 9 lives, so is life at the Pearl. Each time the Pearl is closed down, it comes back stronger than ever with big acts, live music, aerialists, and cabaret. In honor of being a survivor of this era ruled by Big White (sounds like an 80s hair metal band), they invite you to their 9th Anniversary bash. Come one, come all as we pull out all of the stops to entertain the friends and fans of the Pearl: "This party will be one for the ages as we provide an evening dedicated to awesome performances. There will be live music played by the Pearl’s Red Stars Band performing songs from several of our hit shows. In addition, look for some fantastic guest vocals from some of our friends in the industry. Aerialists will decorate the rafters as onstage will be a witches brew of some of the most famous burlesque stars in Asia. Drag queens/kings you ask? Ask no more…Hell yeah there will be; including our very own Cocosanti to keep the audience respectable. Come try our new menu tricked out by our newest addition, Chef Lung from of Hungry Lung’s Kitchen fame. He promises dishes that will make you come back begging for more. Tickets for the Pearl’s 9th Anniversary Show are RMB 150 (general admission). There are a limited number of them and they can be purchased via WeChat by scanning the QR code or at the door. Doors open at 9pm, so don’t be late!"