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Finished Ended on Sat Nov 26, 2022
Inferno (United Valley)
United Valley Jing'an, 462 Changle Lu, near Shaanxi Nan Lu


Super heavy weekend down at Shanghai’s beloved and best heavy metal-dedicated bar. We’re gonna highlight both nights right here so you can make a bender of it. Friday night is black metal night. Expect evilness from the likes of Darkthrone, Mayhem, et al. — just a church burning good time that one. Saturday is doom metal night with the Inferno originator Martin keeping it gloomy and arcane on the decks with plodding evil heaviness from Sabbath on up. There is only one place you can get this kind of thing in Shanghai. Enjoy it, y’all. Don’t take things for granted. And don’t fear the reaper. Starts… like 8pm. No cover.