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Meet Van Gogh - Immersive Light Art Exhibition

Finished Ended on Sun Jul 9, 2023 , 10am-6pm
Meet You Museum
210 Wenshui Lu, near Wanrong Lu
early bird ticket from 88-148rmb


The 600 ㎡ immersive art exhibition about one of the greatest geniuses in the history of human art is finally in China for the first time, with Shanghai being the first stop. The exhibition launched in 2020 in the French Museum of Light, and then carried out a hot tour in nearly 30 cities around the globe. See 149 of Van Gogh classic masterpieces rendered with digital multimedia technology, presented with a beautiful blend of sound, light and shadow. Immerse in the picture of color, music and light and shadow. Explore Van Gogh's passionate, romantic and poetic inner world.