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One-on-One Theatre: ‘The Smile Off Your Face’

Finished Sat, Aug 26, 2023 , 20:00 /20:30
Shanghai Culture Square
597 Fuxing Zhong Lu, near Shaanxi Nan Lu


Welcome to the dark stage of ‘The Smile Off Your Face’, a performance that resolutely offers a totally different viewing experience. Actually it's not about viewing. You are blindfolded. You are tied up in a wheelchair. There is no stage. There's no audience, no place where actors perform under the lights. Actually you don't know where you are, but you have your suspicions. You are imagining something. Maybe you were here before. Maybe not.

Originally created by Gent-based theatre company Ontroerend Goed, this new version is co-produced by Shanghai Culture Square, Tempest Projects and Fairchild Productions. The audience will be guided by the performers throughout the show in darkness. They’re offering an unexpected sensual experience, with a series of questions that touch your soul. Every time the audience lift the blindfold reveals a surprise.