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Virgin Atlantic Great British Day Out

Finished Sat, May 20, 2023 , 11am-5pm
Wellington College International Shanghai
1500 Yaolong Lu, near Haiyang Xi Lu, Main gate 100 Haiyang Xi Lu


Great British Day Out is a family-friendly event celebrating… yes, British culture and lifestyle. Presented by the British Chamber of Commerce, expect a relaxing day with family and friends. Picnic, pub quiz, physical activities such as rugby and Kungfu, egg and spoon race... many things to do! Participants in the pub quiz also have a chance to win two ‘Shanghai to London round-trip Premium Class’ tickets. Eyes on the prize! The event time is 11am to 5pm on May 20. Kids under the age of 4 are free to attend. Different ticket types are available, including single tickets, afternoon tea packages (2 or 3 people), and upper-class lounge passes. (If you hold the Alcohol Lounge Pass ticket, please note the bar closes at 4:30pm.)