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St. Petersburg Eifman Ballet: ‘Eugene Onegin’

Finished Ended on Sun Nov 5, 2023 , 19:15/14:00
Shanghai Oriental Art Center
425 Dingxiang Lu, near Shiji Dadao


"Eugene Onegin" is Boris Eifman's dance interpretation of Alexander Pushkin's novel in verse. In this ballet, Eifman masterfully melds the classical with the contemporary. Pushkin's characters symbolically represent modern men and women: individuals navigating profound societal shifts and existing in an era of transition. The ballet's soundtrack is a striking blend of Pyotr Tchaikovsky's classical compositions and the rock music of Alexander Sitkovetsky, a combination that enhances Eifman's innovative vision. "Eugene Onegin" offers a unique lens through which to view a quintessential literary tale from a contemporary perspective. Performances are scheduled for 7:15 pm on November 4 and 2 pm on November 5.