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Shanghai Disneyland Halloween Carnival: Halloween Time Turns into Wicked Fun

Finished Weekends , Daily, 8am-10pm
Shanghai Disney Resort
310 Shendi Xi Lu
Entry starts from 415rmb per person


The Halloween event to end all Halloween events... DISNEYLAND FOLKS. And you don't even need to be a kid to get a good kick out of this. Shanghai Disneyland on October 4th, is marking the premiere of Disney's Halloween festivities for 2023. The iconic Mickey Avenue residents, headlined by Mickey and his close Pals, are set to strut their stuff in brand new 2023 Halloween costumes in a not-to-be-missed special fashion show. The enchantment doesn't end there: spanning from October 4th through November 5th, the park will be transformed for its annual Halloween Carnival. It's an invitation for you, your family, and friends to craft unforgettable Halloween memories at Shanghai Disneyland this year. Be there and be bewitched!