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Edward Burtynsky: Abstraction and the Altered Landscape

Finished Ended on Mon Jan 15, 2024 , 10:30am - 11pm
127 Guangfu Lu, near Jinyuan Lu
120rmb (for all the exhibits at Fotografiska)


Edward Burtynsky believed that work should serve not only the impulse of exploration and discovery but also the pursuit of transformation. In his photos, what may seem like calligraphy or brushstrokes are, in fact, industrial waste or mine tailings. The majority of the photographs in this exhibition were captured from fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, and drones. This aerial perspective unveils the Earth's surface's design, structure, and scale, offering views that ground-level observation cannot provide. Edward Burtynsky frequently employs remotely controlled drones to position his cameras at low to medium altitudes, diverging from conventional aviation. Technological advancements have empowered him to select perspectives with greater precision, and in numerous instances, he eliminates the landscape's horizon line to accentuate the sense of abstraction.