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Dulwich Puxi Open Days

May 26 & June 13 & private tours
Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi
2000 Qianpujing Lu, near Shuguang Lu


Dulwich is an old name in the world of education, spanning back centuries of illustratious education in the UK. We dove deeper into what makes their newest campus a fascinating (and impressive) addition to the city's education scene. 

They are known for their innovative approach to holistic education, evident in the visionary 2toU program (which they'll give an overview of during their campus tour). It's design to foster academic readiness and personal growth, this groundbreaking initiative commences at the toddler stage and extends throughout the entire educational journey. The 2toU program's unique proposition is its origin, beginning at age 2 and charting a trajectory that culminates in the IB Diploma Programme. To get more info, check out their upcoming Open Mornings where you can talk to admissions counselors and educators directly about their approach.