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Afterlife Yubik (Germany)

Finished Sat, Jan 27, 2024 , 9pm - late
Playground (INS)
Floor 1 and B1, INS Fuxing Park, 109 Yandang Lu


Yubik, a German DJ and producer, has been subverting techno for over a decade. He is known for his unique blend of deep house, techno, and progressive sounds, creating immersive and emotional journeys for his listeners. He has released tracks on labels such as Afterlife, Stil vor Talent, and Radikon, and has performed at festivals and clubs around the world. He has also been featured on Electronic Groove, where he shared 10 tracks that inspire his studio work. Some of the artists that influenced him are Alex Smoke, Black Merlin, Trikk, and Agoria. Yubik’s music is cabalistic and groovy at the same time, as he effortlessly crosses borders and explores new turf.