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Contemporary Ballet : ‘Whisper’

Finished Ended on Sat Mar 2, 2024 , 7:30pm
Shanghai International Dance Center
1650 Hongqiao Lu, near Shuicheng Lu


Impulse Dance presents this contemporary dance theater consisting of 8 dancers on stage. By using physical expression, the show captures different whispers happening in nature and the city. Impulse Dance Company was newly established in 2020. The director is Wang Hao, a former dancer of the West Ballet Company, resident choreographer of the Shanghai Ballet, and a famous modern and contemporary Chinese ballet choreographer.


If the Earth could also whisper, what might she say to you? Since when have humans ceased to hear the murmurs of nature? The blowing winds that went past us and the moonlight scattered upon the plane trees, carrying their own volition, are attempting to sing. If every whisper were to be overheard, what would we say? Would we speak at all? The private domain of humanity no longer belongs solely to itself. The pain, fear, compassion, helplessness, emptiness, confusion, and indignation being felt arise from our own existence within this reality. Behind these whispers lies the key of reclaiming positive human communication, and the intensity of such a volume, I wonder, shall scale up to something thrilling and awe-inspiring. For the sake of these whispers, we stand ready to relinquish ourselves at any second. For the sake of these whispers, we have long assimilated ourselves into the "collective." Do you hear? Every distinct voice is repeatedly, hesitantly, resoundingly, plainly, whispering "Whisper."

Choreographer: WANG Hao

Choreographer and instructor at the Shanghai Ballet Company, guest professor at the Xi'an Conservatory of Music, and former ballet teacher at the Shanghai Theatre Academy.
In the course of an illustrious career, he served as lead dancer at the Guangzhou Ballet, principal dancer at the Singapore Dance Theatre, and solo dancer with the Victor Ullate Ballet Comunidad de Madrid in Spain. During the years, he assumed major roles in numerous well-known classical and contemporary ballet productions, touring internationally with dance companies.
As a choreographer, he has been commissioned by major national ballet companies, bringing notable works including Bach Concerto in G Minor, Double Think, Reaching the Night, Roles, The Call of Homeland, The Way Back, Jerusalem, The Stranger, The Game Falling into Darkness, and Polyphony.

Creative Team

Producer: ZENG Ying Xin
Stage Manager: YANG Jian Hua
Monologue: Sophie Renier
Dramaturge: YAN Yan
Sound Design: CODA
Lighting Design: HAO Si Yi
Video Design: ZHOU Tao
Costume Design: CHEN Nan
Marketing Promotion: THE FILTER
Stage Design: CAO Qing Hong
Still Photographer: ZHU Lin, ZHANG Miao Miao
Photographer: SHI Ying Xi
Dancers: FU Yi Yang, LIU Xiao Yin, LIU Lang, XIN Shu Ning, XU Li Ang, ZHU Fei, GU Jia Le, GAO Yang