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Interactive Dance Theater: Romeo, Romeo, Romeo

Finished Sun, May 26, 2024 , 2pm,6pm
Theatre YOUNG
1155 Kongjiang Lu


“Romeo, Romeo, Romeo” is named after Shakespeare’s character who discovers love — where else? — at a dance. Dance is one of the most radically direct ways of presenting oneself to someone else. The production presents the diversity of forms, the depth of emotion, and the sheer beauty that can glance an individual when dance serves as a form of courtship display, as a mating ritual. The dancers’ eyes don't gaze out into the distance, instead, they seek to catch the audience members. Bit by bit they get closer, establishing a sense of trust. The audience becomes characters in the very performance they are witnessing. Whilst dancing the dancers try out their best pick-up lines, but they also speak about their strategies and tactics, their memories, hopes and frustrations. The result is an innovative dance production, featuring exuberant group dances, playful interactions with the spectators, and personal insight into this most ancient of dance occasions. There are 2 shows at 2pm and 6pm on May 26. Single and double tickets are available. Guests can also choose to purchase show + workshop tickets , the workshop is on Tuesday May 21, 7pm(recommended for people with dance experience).