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LiveChinaMusic presents Close Eye Shoegaze Feast

Finished Sun, May 26, 2024 , 8pm
Yuyintang Park
B1/F, 1398 Yuyuan Lu, near Dingxi Lu


A hazy layering of guitar dissonance, a glazing of ethereal vocals, a hefty dose of reverb, and a sprinkle of nostalgia - these are just a few of the ingredients needed to concoct your perfect shoegaze meal. But flavors and cooking techniques change from fan to fan, and as we’ll learn tonight - from band to band. Tonight LiveChinaMusic invites three of the shoegaze and dream pop scene’s most vital acts in Shanghai - RUBUR, Forsaken Autumn, and Pale Air to Yuyintang Park to whip up their own recipes of supple dream pop and shoegaze.