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  • Gold

    Oriental Spring

    No.1, Lane 2088 Wuzhong Lu,
    near Hangzhong Lu

    吴中路2088弄1号, 近航中路

    6077 8208
    • Oriental Spring Shanghai
    • Oriental Spring Shanghai
    • Oriental Spring Shanghai
    Oriental Spring trucks hot spring water from Jiangsu, Nantong to Shanghai. The hot spring water has been tested and confirmed by a water analysis laboratory in Budapest and recognized by China Hot Springs Tourism Association. The entire...
    Spa and Massage
  • New Star (Minhang)

    Lane 258, Jinhui Nan Lu near Hongquan Lu

    金汇南路258弄, 近虹泉路

    3432 0777
    This is one of the nicest-for-the-money bathhouses in Shanghai. Korean style, you get to strip and splash around in hot rooms and cold pools (sex segregated) and then move...
    New Star (Minhang) Shanghai
  • Cheersum Bathhouse (Putuo)

    430 Caoyang Lu, near Caoxiong Lu

    曹杨路430号, 近曹雄路

    5258 6660
    Palatial bathhouse with seven floors of pools, hot-tubs, hot-stone rooms, oxygen rooms, pass-out-in-front-of-a-TV-watching-action-movies rooms, a small gym, a game room with a...
  • New Star (Pudong)

    288 Dongxiu Lu, near Meihua Lu

    东绣路288号, 近梅花路

    5838 7771
    Popular Korean bathhouse New Star has outdoor pools at two of their locations: the classic one in Hongqiao and the new one in Pudong. The outdoor pools are for anyone to use...
  • Gokurakuyu

    600 Xin Jinqiao Lu, near Jinxin Lu

    新金桥路600号, 近金新路

    3875 1245
    Japanese spa that is spread across three floors and has a capacity for 1,200 people. The baths are sex-segregated in the traditional way and very clean. You can get body scrubs...
  • Shui Guo (Shenchang Lu)

    Hongqiao Tianjie, Longhu, Hongqiao Business District, Shenchang Lu


    3328 6969
    A massive, 18,000-square-meter Japanese-style bathhouse in Hongqiao. Interior decor is clean and simple, with numerous pools and jacuzzis of varying temperatures. The lounge...
  • New Star (Tianshan Lu)

    1900 Tianshan Lu, near Yan'an Xi Lu

    天山路1900号, 近延安西路

    6259 7771
  • Lian Quan Da Jianghu (Xinfu Lu)

    288 Xinfu Lu, near Xinsong Lu

    莘福路288号, 近莘松路

    5296 7270
    Japanese-style bathhouse chain that has gender-separated bathing areas, KTV, extensive dining options, massage treatments, places to snooze and chill, and public saunas.
    Lian Quan Da Jianghu (Xinfu Lu) Shanghai
  • Cheersum Bathhouse (Changning)

    1146 Yan'an Xi Lu, near Panyu Lu

    延安西路1146号, 近番禺路

    6280 6886
    Bathhouse chain that sports floors of pools, hot-tubs, hot-stone rooms, oxygen rooms, pass-out-in-front-of-a-TV-watching-action-movies rooms, gyms, game rooms with pool tables,...
  • Tangland (Changqing Lu)

    Senhong Shopping Square, 1/F, 1200 Changqing Lu, near Huaxia Xi Lu

    长清路1200号1-32号1层108D室 近华夏西路

    6853 8888
    Another Korean-style bathhouse chain, that costs about the same as New Star. This is the most frequent location and it's pretty big. Tangland pulls out all the stops to make...
  • Ri-Star Spa (Jing'an)

    5/F, 333 Chengdu Bei Lu, near Weihai Lu

    成都北路333号5楼, 近威海路

    5298 1111
    Admission: 228rmb
  • Ri-Star Spa (Hongqiao)

    1030 Hongqiao Lu, near Zhangshan Xi Lu

    虹桥路1030号, 近中山西路

    6295 9898
    Admission: 228rmb
  • Da Lang Tao Sha (Guilin Lu)

    588 Guilin Lu, near Qinzhou Bei Lu

    桂林路588号, 近钦州北路

    6408 8888
    Addmission: 69rmb
  • Da Lang Tao Sha (Zhongshan Nan Yi Lu)

    1065 Zhongshan Nan Yi Lu, near Dapu Lu

    中山南一路1065号, 近打浦路

    6303 5555
  • Ri-Star Spa (Zhabei)

    488 Wuning Nan Lu, near Changshou Lu

    武宁南路488号, 近长寿路

    6323 8989