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Artist Changxin Lee

Artist Changxin Lee

Designed By: The Shanghairen

Product Description

About the Artwork

Having lived in Shanghai for four years, I've come to understand the vastness of this city, where the rich tapestry of Chinese and Western cultures beautifully converges due to its historical significance. The sight of a laundry gantry with long bamboo poles is a distinct memory. Whenever the rain poured down, households would hurriedly retrieve their clothes. Yet, due to the impact it had on the city's aesthetics, this practice has become increasingly rare. My inspiration for this piece emerged from the old houses I lived in and the unique way in which the residents hung their laundry, which I found to be exceptionally captivating.

About the Author

Changxin Lee is an illustrator and graphic designer currently living in Shanghai. His artwork predominantly revolves around Chinese themes. He draws inspiration from the painting style of Henri Matisse and the illustrative approach of artist Sua Balac.


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