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Artist Feng Yu

Artist Feng Yu

Designed By: The Shanghairen

Product Description

About the Artwork

This painting captures a moment on Hunan Lu in the old French Concession, featuring the charming Rumors Coffee. I created this piece shortly after my grandmother's passing, which prompted my return to Shanghai for an extended stay, allowing me to reacquaint myself with the city of my birth. It was a glorious autumn, Shanghai's finest season, suffused with the sweet scent of osmanthus blossoms. During that time, I had an overwhelming sense of maturation and a pivotal decision took shape within me - to embark on a journey as an illustrator and create a book dedicated to Shanghai.

About the Author

Yu, currently residing in Hong Kong, is an illustrator with roots in Shanghai. She spent her teenage years in the UK before settling in Hong Kong for over a decade. Her academic background includes mathematics and economics, and she commenced her career in the financial industry after graduating. Her diverse life experiences across different countries have served as a wellspring of inspiration, with her current work primarily centered on urban landscapes.


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