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Artist Shane Shine

Artist Shane Shine

Designed By: The Shanghairen

Product Description

About the Artwork

This scene was captured during a tour bus ride on an exceptionally hot day. Perhaps it was the sweltering weather that inspired me to create a painting that radiates freshness and clarity. My aim was to render the image in a way that it becomes a transparent portal to a virtual space, allowing the audience to peer into the distance and uncover hidden details. In Shanghai, countless buildings carry extraordinary histories. If you ever get the opportunity, be sure to check out the nameplates adorning these buildings. They not only narrate the past of Shanghai to all who visit but also shoulder the responsibility of the city's presence, creating a sense of enchantment.

About the Author

Shane Shine is a Shanghai-based designer, illustrator, and watercolor artist. Following his graduation from university, he established his own art studio and online art center. He is deeply passionate about delving into the aesthetics of art and exploring the enigmatic contradictions in the human heart.


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