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  • Peace Cinema

290 Xizang Zhong Lu,
near Hankou Lu

Huangpu District


6361 2898
Daily, 8-11pm
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Editor’s Description

Last updated: Jun 11, 2019
Awkwardly designed but popular cinema, with a total of 1069 seats in six rooms. Very crowded, but they've got IMAX and Dolby and it's in People's Square so that's to be expected. There is also a Hershey's store right next to the ticket booth. The rest of Raffle's City mall is right there -- Carl's Jr. is in the basement. Popcorn is sweet and will cost you 12-25rmb. Ticket prices very wildly based on technology, popularity, and time of day. Newer flicks in IMAX 3D at prime time could cost up to 180rmb without an app (a bit less with), but 2D movies are often around 50rmb. They show discounted films at 10am every day, too. If you're looking to see movies like Star Wars in 2D because your eyes don't dig the high-tech, this is an option. Showtimes: Gewara.

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