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Yanzhong Guangchang Park (Middle) 延中绿地

Yanzhong Guangchang Park (Middle) 延中绿地

Jinling Zhong Lu,
near Huangpi Nan Lu

Huangpu District


5306 4233
10 mins walk from  South Huangpi Rd
Web: -
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Editor’s Description

Last updated: May 19, 2020
Just north of K11 on Jinling Lu is a parkland that spans several city blocks, stretching northwest and ending around Dagu Lu near Chengdu Lu. All of these parks have ample grass space, lots of benches, some lakes and ponds, and lots of street cats. Basically just bright spaces in the city center that offer escape from the madness. Depending on the time of day, an angry man may chase you off of the grass. No entrance fee at any of these parks. Open 24/7.

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