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Shen Da Cheng (Nanjing Dong Lu)

Dumplings | Shanghainese | Huangpu

Shen Da Cheng (Nanjing Dong Lu)


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Shen Da Cheng (Nanjing Dong Lu)

  • 636 Nanjing Dong Lu,
    near Zhejiang Zhong Lu

    Huangpu District


    10 mins from People's Square
    Chinese Name: 沈大成(南京东路店)
    6322 4926
    Daily, 7am-9.30pm

    Editor’s Description

    Last updated: Jul 30, 2019
    Shen Dacheng is a special time-honored brand that's been doing snacks, dumplings, noodles and Shanghainese cuisine since 1875. It's a go-to place for locals when they want something made from glutinous rice. It's most famous for four types of dumplings: shuangniang tuan (双酿团), jin tuan (金团), tiaotou gao (条头糕) and qingtuan (青团), basically the first four items on their menu-- all made of glutinous rice with fillings such as red bean paste, soybean powder, black sesame paste etc, and sold for a mere 3-4rmb each. Their chains can be found anywhere in the busy parts of Puxi, and they only do take away. The main shop on Nanjing Dong Lu has a small restaurant attached, offering lunch and dinner options. Always a line at any given time, the restaurant is less packed if you go after local lunch/ dinner time.

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