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The Beer Lady (Kaixuan Lu) 啤酒阿姨

The Beer Lady (Kaixuan Lu) 啤酒阿姨

1010 Kaixuan Lu,
near Yan'an Xi Lu

Changning District


6218 6891
5 mins walk from  West Yan'An Rd
Wifi: 88888888
Web: -

Editor’s Description

Last updated: Apr 28, 2020
The second iteration of Shanghai's OG beermart, this Beer Lady is barely a diagonal stone's throw from Yuyintang, over multiple crosswalks and / or overpasses. It's the same thing, except bigger. Better. It's got a bakery. There're plenty of dark wooden tables and seats, and about 50 refrigerators lining the walls. Taller ceiling than the original, and no hidden nooks and crannies. There's a slightly raised area with some nicer lounge-chairs, because that's where the expensive stuff sits. Some outdoor seating out the back, too. They boast they've got 3,000 brands of beer, and boy does it look it.

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