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Sichuan | Huangpu


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  • Benzhen
  • Benzhen
  • Benzhen


  • 3/F, 150 Hubin Lu,
    near Jinan Lu

    Huangpu District


    Inside: Xintiandi
    15 mins from South Huangpi Road
    Chinese Name: 本甄精品川菜
    5386 5196
    Lunch, 11am-2.30pm
    Dinner, 5-10pm
    Sat&Sun, 11am-10pm

    Editor’s Description

    Last updated: Jun 7, 2019
    Upmarket, modern Sichuan restaurant on the third floor of Hubin Dao mall, serving excellent, unadulterated Sichuan classics and a long list of beers, wines, and cocktails (and possibly a hip hop soundtrack). On a nicer day, go for the outdoor patio overlooking Taiping Hu and the park. Expect to pay 200-400rmb for two, without alcohol.
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    • Here's three qualities you won't find in most Chinese restaurants: outdoor seating, a long beer list, and music.

      Benzhen, on the third floor of Hubin Dao mall near Xintiandi, has all three of those while serving some of the best upscale Sichuan in the city. The pepper and peppercorn flavors hit harder here than at Mayura, that Tiffany-blue, Sichuanese / Shanghainese peacock around the corner. And thankfully, Benzhen forgoes the 90's banquet-hall wedding vibes you'll find at Yuxin, that elder king of Huangpu Qu Sichuan Restaurants.

      Here, they focus on pure Sichuan flavors as well as one could in a commercially viable Shanghai endeavor. A dozen varieties of peppers proudly sit on display by the entrance. The beef cuts in the shui zhu niu rou are way higher quality than anyone would expect. The mapo dofu tastes like grandma actually made it. No hollow Instagram-bait here - just good food.

      Outside of the warmly lit dining room, a 3rd floor patio overlooks trees, skyline, and a park full of dogs and their humans. On a recent evening, a couple sat watching a Saint Bernard down there try unsuccessfully to make friends with several small breed dogs while a bass-heavy speaker drowned out the screams of an unruly toddler a few booths away. After the sun set, a giant screen tumbled down to display karaoke videos by Drake, BlocBoy JB, and Bruno Mars. Some would call that overstimulation. Others call that a party. Keeping folks here late seems like part of Benzhen's model. They have at least five pages of beers, including The World's Strongest Beer, Snake Venom, for 1480rmb per bottle, and plenty of wine and cocktails.

      This is Sichuan cuisine refracted through the glass and water of Xintiandi. Call it Mall Food 4.0. Embrace it.

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