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Meishan Pig Species Protection Farm

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Meishan Pig Species Protection Farm

Tourist Attractions

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Meishan Pig Species Protection Farm

Tourist Attractions
  • 1991 Jiatang Gong Lu,
    near Zhao'an Lu

    Jiading District


    120 mins from North Jiading
    Chinese Name: 梅山猪育种中心
    5917 9276

    Editor’s Description

    Last updated: Nov 13, 2018
    A research and protection center for an endangered species of 'lard pig' native to Shanghai, famous for its wrinkly skin, massive floppy ears and high, high fat quantity. Some say they're so ugly, they're cute again. The center is a spotless facility and farm centered on a landscaped fishing pond, founded in 1958. At the time, farmers in Jiading district and in Taicang city, were still raising purebred Meishan pigs, but there was no systematic effort to protect the species. Good thing, then, since in the 1980s, farmers, exposed to capitalism, sought out pig breeds with better yields, higher percentages of meat, and a faster growth cycle. The Meishan was mostly left behind in this rush to commercialize, and the heritage breed fell out of favor and into obscurity. There are now about 200 breeding sows this center, of about 1,000 in the entire country. This farm is not permitted to sell the meat except as whole carcasses or via their sole, certified third party distributor. Tours can be organized, contact them via their phone number or on their (Chinese-language) website.
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