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Bldg 2-3, Lane 123 Xingye Lu,
near Zizhong Lu

Huangpu District


Inside: Xintiandi
5239 6777
5 mins walk from  Xintiandi
Web: -
Sun-Wed, 11.30am-midnight
Thu-Sat, 11.30am-1.30am
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Editor’s Description

Last updated: Mar 5, 2020
Glam Singaporean, South East Asian and Cantonese food from a design powerhouse. The man behind it, Song Yuxin (also behind Yu Ba Xian, Peacock Room) has emerged as one of Shanghai’s most innovative Chinese restaurant owners and designers in the last couple of years. He has now turned his attention to Southeast Asia. Particularly Singapore. Lion is very Xintiandi; it’s opulent, clubby and, despite the fancy surrounds and price tag (400rmb per person and up), kind of mass-market. That doesn't mean it's bad. Singaporean food for people who want those strong flavors toned down a little bit and drink cocktails at the same time. Did we mention it looks opulent? It looks opulent. Definitely an "event night" sort of dinner.

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  • Dim Sum Don't
    • It's getting three stars only because I'd be willing to brave the red undertones for dinner. Red undertones are never okay at brunch.

      I can imagine that this place is exactly what you’d want when trying to impress a colleague or someone from out of town. It’s red. So very red. Is the red coming form a tinted window? Or is it coming from a light behind what looks like a window? I had a bit of a headache. But let’s make this the second ostentatious red establishment in Shanghai that I probably won’t return to again. I get that it’s in Xintiandi, and I get that it’s trendy… but I don’t like paying a lot of money for things that don’t leave me feeling full at the very least. The meal left me hungry and confused. The portions were tiny, and there are better places to go for flavor.

      The biggest hits were the Baked Black Pepper Wagyu Beef Puff for RMB 38 and the Steamed Pork Dumplings for RMB 36. If you want to be fancy for the sake of being fancy, you could also opt to order a Fois Gras and Lobster Dumpling, but we opted to roll our eyes instead. The whole thing was pretty average dim sum. Don’t get me wrong… I love pretty average dim sum, but I’d much rather enjoy it in a different hue with a normal price tag. There wasn’t anything special about it in my opinion.

      Price for two people living their best brunch life: RMB 570

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